Friday, 6 July 2018

Anthropologies of destiny

(PS. The text of my afterword to the special issue is available for free download at

It is with both pride and unease that we announce the publication of our Special Section Anthropologies of Destiny: Action, Temporality, Freedom, edited and with a Preface by Alice Elliot and Laura Menin (, with articles by Luca Nevola on 'Destiny in hindsight: Impotentiality and intentional action in contemporary Yemen' (, Daniel Guinness on 'Corporal destinies: Faith, ethno-nationalism, and raw talent in Fijian professional rugby aspirations' (,
Stéphanie Homola on 'Caught in the language of fate: The quality of destiny in Taiwan' (, and an afterword by Samuli Schielke ( . Pride, as this is the result of a long and inspiring collective project. Unease because of the circumstances of the project’s publication, and the troubling allegations about the journal and its management emerging through #hautalk. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the project, and we hope that destiny still has in store for HAU the possibility of new beginnings. As HAU is no longer fully open access, our links will disappear behind a pay-wall in two weeks time. So do download and maybe even read our collection while you can!

The Anthropologies of destiny editors and authors

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