Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Samuli's news from Cairo 02-02-2011

09:32 CT: Cairo wakes up to a busy morning. Banks & cash dispensers are open again, and people crowd to collect their salaries. Traffic police is back on the streets, unarmed. People debating everywhere, some firmly against the president, some supportive. In Manyal I see a 15 men strong pro-Mubarak demonstration. My journalist friend saw some last night. They are small and all chant the same slogan. Greetings from Cairo, Samuli.

10:32 CT: On Champollion St. a family with Egyptian flags is stopped by inhabitants of the car workshop area, saying that what they do is a shame and blaming them for looting. A heated discussion evolves, with the accusation "thief", "police informer"! If Mubarak's strategy of using chaos to split the people is successful, it will be a terrible tragedy.

11:09 CT: At the corner of Champollion St. a 50 men big pro-Mubarak demonstration (no families and women in this one) tries to enter Tahrir Square. The army prevents them from entering. On Tahrir, the big Anti-Mubarak demonstrations goes on.

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