Friday, 4 February 2011

Samuli's LATEST news from Cairo 04-02-2011

15:20 > As people were waiting for Amr Musa to enter, a debate ensued among them. Some saw in him Egypt's next president. Some said: "we don't need politicians, this is the people's revolution!".

15:09 > All entrances to Tahrir except Abdel Munem Riyad are accessible and open a continuous stream of people entering. The square is very crowded but movement is easy (except for celebrities who are surrounded by the curious when they enter).

14:34 > Amr Musa's (former minister of foreign affairs and current secretary general of the Arab League) 2nd attempt to enter the square because curious bystanders and press block the cordon through which he is supposed to pass. He turns back again. We shall see whether he will make it to the speaker's stage.

from Henri: "People in their thousands are flooding in. Amr Moussa, former minister of foreign affairs and current secretary general of the Arab League made a brief appearance on Tahrir sq. He couldn't get in due to people rushing to greet him. Hopefully he tries another entrance and says something meaningful."

13:03 > There are a lot of people here who one day before yesterday were happy with the concessions Mubarak offered, but have turned against him after the thug attack at Tahrir before yesterday. The stystem's strategy of intimidation has backfired!

12:50 > The second prayer ends. Everybody - those praying and those not praying - stands up, shouting: "Down, down, with Hosni Mubarak!" "Go away!" "We won't go, he shall go!". The square is getting so full that many people on their way here will probably have to spread to the surrounding streets and bridges.

12:35 > Right now Friday prayer on Tahrir, followed bhy prayer in memory of the dead. The square is completely full with people. It's an amazing sight!

11:42 >I also spoke on the phone with a friend who's rather pro-Mubarak. She finds it very important that everything remains peaceful. Lots of journalists here and they all still have their cameras. Intimidation of journalists only outside the square.

11:35: I just saw a Salafi man with a long fundementalist's beard helping Nawal al-Saadawi, Egypt's most outspoken feminist, to get a comfortable place to sit down in the green traffic isle in the middle of Tahrir Square.

Via Jessica Winegar: Eyewitnesses in Tahrir Square: lots of people streaming in even though it is still hours before prayer time!...situation hopeful and spirits high. My neighborhood calm and people on the streets going about their every day business. The weather is great. Si se peude!!! Aywa mumkin!! Yes we can!!

10:47: We were about to go to Zamalik but found the streets full of people on their way to demonstrate and the streets safe. so we joined them. So I'm in Tahrir and very happy to be here. There are huge amounts of people arriving although it's still early. This will be a historical day!

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