Monday 31 January 2011

Samuli's news from Cairo 31-01-2011

10 am Cairo time: Samuli has arrived in Giza. He said that the situation seen from his cab ride from the airport, through the city to his final destination showed less damage as described in some reports. He has seen 3 demolished buildings, and 4-5 demolished shops, but it's not whole blocks. People all talk about tomorrow's 1 million people demonstrat...ion, which will be joined by everybody he has talked to. No train service tomorrow! Military and vigilant committees are to be seen everywhere, as well as some police. But things are calm and cheerful. Downtown shops are closed, but in Giza they are open. He says that the atmosphere is much more positive than he expected. People discuss if the change of the government is sufficient, but many plead that by tomorrow Mubarak has to step down... He's now on his way to Tahrir!

20:22 Cairo time: Samuli says there is no chaos and anarchy to be spotted, but things are run with consideration and respect. People are cleaning the street, removing the trash, something very new to happen. He was at Tahrir, where he experienced a euphoric and very cheerful atmosphere with 10.000 coming and going. He walked with his friend M from there back to Giza some 8 km, and all was calm and under control. The military is checking everybody coming to Tahrir, so no police can infiltrate. They treat people with utmost respect, adressing them with 'Sir' when asking them for their ID's. Everybody is amazed that such a new and respectful treatment has taken over the social sphere, replacing the inhumane and violent treatment previously predominating.

People are enthusiastic and what he sees makes him very optimistic. People have realized in those few days, that they can take their lives in their own hands, something which they felt for so long as being impossible. Many, who couldn't believe that change is really happening, experience now that change is happening, also inside themselves. So it's empowerment pure, the end of agony, apathy and the feeling of impotence. A people formerly believed - also by themselves - of being chaotic is able, as soon as the repression disappears (as the police vanished) - to organize themselves and being perfectly capable of acting responsible and shaping the situation.


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