Sunday 30 January 2011


Dear Friends,

I am leaving for Egypt this morning (unless they cancel the flight after all) for one week because I feel that there I can do more than I can here. Given the very difficult situation in Egypt right now, I had to think about this long, and I only decided to give it a go after my friend who will host me told that Giza where he lives is safe thanks to a citizens' guard which he is participating in.

While in Egypt, I will try to report about what I see and hear as often I can via e-mail and facebook. At the moment, mobile phones are working again in Egypt, and I can be reached via one of the numbers below. I will be also happy to respond to any requests for interviews, comments on the situation, etc. Since internet is still down in Egypt, and may remain so, preferably call me.

Keep in touch and all the best


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